🤑 Reward : 50,000 STRC
🎖 Rate : ⭐⭐⭐
💥 Ref Bonus : 10,000 STRC
💰 Price : N / A
🎯 telegram ,email, ETH

airdrop step :
1. visit STARCREDITS airdrop form 
2. fill the airdrop form
3. input my referral code : @hadybranto2
4. referral bonus 10,000 STRC per invite friends

information :
take control of your entertainment.StarCredits ( STRC ) can be used on back to earth content or trasnferred to third party exchanges and sold for other digital tokens.collect StarCredits to gain acces to exclusive content,or take your StarCredits elsewhere and join the rapidly growing digital token economy.the future is in your hands.

website : https://backto.earth/
twitter : https://twitter.com/_backtoearth
facebook : https://www.facebook.com/backtoearthproductions
telegram group : https://t.me/STRC_Official
telegram announcements : https://t.me/STRC_Announcements


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