🤑 Reward : 10,000 BMAN
🎖 Rate : ⭐⭐⭐
💥 Ref Bonus : 10,000 BMAN
💰 Price : N / A
🎯 tele,email,FINCHAIN

airdrop step :
1. visit bitman airdrop site
2. register account
3. confirm your email and join telegram group
4. Bind your finchain username wallet
5. referral bonus 10,000 BMAN per invite friends

⚠ NOTE :
How can I get the BMAN token in my Finchain wallet?
📌FinChain link wallet registered address:
📌Computer side wallet registration and backup manual:http://suo.im/4COhk3
📌FinChain wallet login manual:http://suo.im/4Rkrfp
📌 6-level Legitimate invitation system ( M1,M2,M3,M4,M5,M6 )
📌How many BMANs that you can get ??
💥 Register to get: 10000 BMANs
💥 Invite m1 to get: 10000 BMANs
💥 Invite m2 to get: 5000 BMANs
💥 Invite m3 to get: 2500 BMANs
💥 Invite m4 to get: 1250 BMANs
💥 Invite m5 to get: 750 BMANs
💥 Invite m6 to get: 250 BMANs

📌 if you have any question you can chat me in telegram @hadybranto2

information :
Bitman Candy is based on projects developed in the FinChain
there are many people around the world contact less than digital currency, there would be no token, not to exchange to buy bitman candy project, so we do all the token for you, let those who hand have no token also enjoy the dividends of digital currency.

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