— Frequently Asked Questions —

What is airdropalive.com ?

airdropalive.com is a website that provides various 
free crypto coins / tokens through airdrop and bounty programs from the event provider’s developers (or in other words ICO, which means Initial Coin Offering). join the airdrop and bounty program is very easy, you simply register and you will get the free coins / tokens, we will also update the program every day. enjoy instantly extra income and join with us on airdropalive.com.

What is an airdrop ?

It is simply a way to earn free coins from a  ICO’s company. For example those blockchain will send on your ETHEREUM address ( must be  ERC20 ,create from Imtoken, metamask ,myetherwallet.com ,mist ,and many more  ) some free coins / tokens that you will receive at the end of the airdrop event.

What action do I need to get  free coins / tokens ?

You will have different type of action to perform, The easiest one will just ask to register on their site , On some other you will need to register on their Telegram ,re-tweet one of their post on Twitter,  or like and follow their Facebook. Some will ask to post on forums.

Where to sell my airdropped coins / tokens ?

you’ll have to wait for them to be listed on exchanges before beeing able to sell them.

How do I keep my coins / tokens  safe ?

You’ll need to backup this private key in a safe place such as a paper that you will store in your house.  don’t  share your private key to anyone , this is never a required information as Airdrops just need your public addressDon’t re use the same password on your own email and on airdrops accounts.
How can we contact airdropalive.com ?

You can send here :  airdropalive@gmail.com


airdropalive.com provides various info about getting free coins, of course through airdrop and bounty programs. airdropalive.com will not be responsible for your loss and the scam program. keep in mind: NEVER SHARE PRIVATE KEY TO ANYONE !!!